Welcome to Extended Matrix documentation!

Extended Matrix is a formal language with which to keep track of virtual reconstruction processes. It is intended to be used by archaeologists and heritage specialists to document in a robust way their scientific activities. The EM allows to record the sources used and the processes of analysis and synthesis that have led from scientific evidence to virtual reconstruction. It organises 3D archaeological record so that the 3D modelling steps are smoother, transparent and scientifically complete. It has been developed by E. Demetrescu at CNR-ISPC (Rome, former CNR-ITABC). EM is at its 1.2 version (a 1.3 version is currently under development).

In a wider perspective and due to its abstract approach, the Extended Matrix can be used as a human readable metaphor to ingest and present liquid semantic data. In other words, the nodes that compone the paradata section can be used to track and annotate in a simple but effective way several data provenance path exceeding the traditional reconstruction process it was firstly applied to.

Check out the Usage section for further information, including how to Installation the project. For the description of the nodes, see Nodes of the EM For the properties, see Properties of the EM


This project is under active development.