Welcome to the documentation page of the 3D Survey Collection (3DSC) add-on

3D Survey Collection is an add-on that allows to widely manage 2D and 3D survey data within the 3D environment of Blender. For the features that this add-on offers, 3DSC is suitable for users (archaeologist, architects, engineers, etc) who work with 3D meshes (such as photogrammetric models) and need to manage, visualize and edit all this information within the same space.

This add-on is a significant digital tool included within the Extended Matrix Framework, an Open Source and Open Science project which has been developed to manage, visualize, represent and share data and paradata associated to the documentation and the reconstruction of an archaeological context, an object or a collection.

The add-on has been developed by E. Demetrescu at CNR-ISPC (Rome, former CNR-ITABC).

Check out the Download - Install section for information about the installation of the add-on. For the description of every panel of EMtools, see 3D Survey Collection (3DSC) Structure


This documentation is under continuous editing.